A Royal Affair by John Wiltshire

RoyalAffair[A]Title: A Royal Affair

Author John Wiltshire

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Pages: 259

Characters: Nikolai Hartmann and Prince Aleksey

Sub-Genre love story





Doctor Nikolai Hartmann represents himself as a learned man of science who believes wholly in the rational and scientific above all else. In reality, he is a man haunted by an unusual past and running from his own nature. While the Reformation transforms much of Europe, it has yet to touch Hesse-Davia; this is a land mired in superstition with cruel punishments for crimes such as witchcraft and sodomy.

While traveling to the dying king’s bedside to offer his medical expertise, Nikolai is set upon by a bandit. Reaching the king’s ancient stronghold, he discovers his mysterious brigand is the beautiful, arrogant Prince Aleksey. Aleksey is everything Nikolai is not: unguarded, passionate, and willful. Despite their differences, Nikolai feels an irresistible desire for the young royal that keeps him in Aleksey’s thrall.

But Hesse-Davia is a dangerous world for a newly crowned king who wants to reform his country—and for the man who loves him.



Dr Nikolay is a man of science and rational thinking. It is what makes his so good at what he does. He is also a man haunted by his past and his desires. When he is asked to help a king is a different part of the world his never expects to find what he finds. This part of the world is dark, deeply religious and ruled in hate and fear. His voyage is hard enough but what he finds with the king is worse. He cannot solve this mystery, who is poisoning the king. What is even more troubling to Nikolai is this strong passion for the young prince and the fact that the prince seems to be drawn to him at every turn. But in a country where sodomy is punishable by death Nikolai knows not to let anything happen. Swept into a world of deceit, mystery and power Nikolai must learn to trust himself, and Aleksey if he is to survive.

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Reviewed By: Jerry


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