A Change of Tune by JM Cartwright published by Loose Id

jmc_a_change_of_tuneTitle: Change of Tune

Author: JM Cartwright

Publisher: Loose ID

Pages: 280

Characters: Johnny Rayne and Virgil Grissom

Sub-Genre: gay romance

Kisses: 5






Johnny Rayne has had enough–enough of being at the top of the rock music industry for the last decade, enough of constant touring and recording. He wants something more–something very different. Moving to a farm in West Virginia, Johnny runs smack into Sheriff Virgil Grissom his first morning in the mountains.

The sheriff challenges Johnny in a multitude of ways–with overt machismo, disdain for Johnny’s musician past, and all-around know-it-all-ness. The two men clash continually, and Johnny resists succumbing to the sheriff’s brash charm until Grissom forces him to admit some very basic truths.


One: Johnny’s definitely attracted to men. Two: Johnny’s definitely attracted to Grissom. And three: Johnny’s definitely going to enjoy every moment of it.



Johnny Rayne has been at the top of his game for quite a while. Hit recored oafter hit record. Constantly touring and recording he has no time to make a family, or a real life for that matter. So he makes his mind up and moves to the country. The band isn’t happy and his manager thinks he is crazy but he has to live his life for him for a change. The last thing he expects though is Sherriff Virgil Grissom. Johnny knows he likes men but he has never admitted it. Virgil makes him not only realize it, but realize that maybe he can have it all. Not going to be easy, but he is starting to believe. The only question is will the two men kill each other or love each other. Or both

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Reviewed By: Jerry

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