Never a Road Without a Turning by Rowan McAllister/ published by DSP

NeverARoadWithoutATurningTitle: Never a Road Without a Turning

Author: Rowan McAllister

Publisher: Dreamspinner press


Characters: Phillip Stubbs (pip) and Major Astley McNalty

Sub-Genre gay romance

Kisses: 4




When unapologetic rake Phillip “Pip” Stubbs takes a position at Greer cottage, he’s only thinking of a new village to explore, new chits to woo, and hoping for another distraction from the growing restlessness inside him. But when the new master arrives, Pip ends up more unsettled than ever.

Major Astley McNalty is a wealthy retired surgeon, soldier, and world traveler. Despite the injury that has left him lame, the gentleman has everything a common servant like Pip could ever wish for, and yet he spends his nights in drunken brooding and his days in solitary melancholy. He’s a mystery to Pip, so when the major defies convention and asks Pip to read to him at night, Pip gladly accepts for a chance to spend his winter evenings by the library fire and perhaps satisfy his curiosity. Until one night, while thoroughly drunk, the major kisses Pip and changes everything between them.

Fear of discovery, fear of repeating the past, and secrets on both sides threaten their burgeoning connection. They must learn to trust one another if they have any hope of finding a safe path to a future together.



“Pip” has been through a lot, from a childhood on the streets to prison at a young age. When the Master of Greer cottage takes him in he is shown what a family can be. When he become of age is starts taking jobs at near by places to earn a living. They are short lived though since he finds himself in trouble with fathers, brothers, mothers and boyfriends of the girls he plays with. When he takes the position at McNalty house he is determined to make it work. Its his last chance and he knows it.

Major McNalty is a retired surgeon, soldier and world traveler. When he decides to come home to drink himself into oblivion he has no idea what awaits him. What starts as a simple request turns into a love neither man expected, more troubled about their past than their present the two men must figure out what they mean to each other. And more difficulty what it could mean in their future.

Wonderful characters make this story a fun read.

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Reviewed By: Jerry

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