Bottoms Away by Etienne- published by DSP

BottomsAwayTitle: Bottoms Away
Author: Etienne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 225
Kisses: 4
Gay/ Contemporary


Chris Bottoms is glad to be home from the first of two surgeries that will free him of his ostomy bag, but life is keeping him on his toes.

Sequel to Bottoms Out; About a Bottoms: Book Three An Avondale Story

Chris Bottoms is glad to be home from undergoing the first of two surgeries that will free him from the ostomy bag he’s been wearing for more than a year. He’s anxious about the upcoming second surgery, but life is keeping him on his toes.
The bank hierarchy is clearly grooming Chris’s partner, Mickey O’Donovan, vice president of a mega-bank, for a promotion. That doesn’t help reconcile the family who turned their backs on Mickey for not going into the family business. To make matters worse, Chris’s little brother’s abusers are still out there, and that makes Chris angry. He and Mickey are raising Ted now. Between dealing with spiteful relatives and doing their best by a hurt ten- year-old boy, Chris and Mickey wonder how much more reality they can take.
Chris’s second and final surgery can’t come soon enough. Both men are looking forward its most important side-effect—Chris will once again be able to enjoy prostate massage—but not until three months after the surgery.

I have been lucky enough to have reviewed each story in the About A Bottoms series and I have given them a high rating for these reasons.
They are well written, the research that has been done to cover the medical issues that Chris has endured and survived must have been intense and the sexual abuse that both Chris and his little brother have endured has been dealt with by showing with a lot of therapy and love and support you can go on to live a happy and productive life.

Chris and Mickey are still one of my favorite couples, still deeply in love and with the new surgery that Chris has gone through he can now go back to the sex life he loves.
Ted is making great strides in his therapy and has discovered a great love of cooking. I love this sweet, quiet little ten year old and I hope one day to read his story, he deserves his own HEA.
If you have not read this series I hope you give it a try, it is a great love story and a story of survivors.
I found that in a few places it went a little long in the details of just everyday life but I think the author did this to show with all the hurdles these characters have had to endure it’s the little details in everyday living that helps heal the brokenness.

If you love a book that has depth to it and can still have the sexiness of two men in love, you will certainly enjoy this series.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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