Wollstone by Hayden Thorne published by JMS


Author Hayden Thorne

Publisher: JMS


Characters: Emil Gogean

Sub-Genre fantasy

Stars: 3.5




The moment Emil Gogean sets foot inside Wollstone Academy’s fairy tale-like campus, he realizes his freshman year in high school is bound to be a very strange one. The school itself, a uniquely romanticized boarding school for boys, boasts remarkable elements that appear to be deliberate — as though a hidden power has chosen woodland details, a chapel ruin, and school masters who seem to hearken back to a long-gone age, with a clear purpose in mind.

When strange things begin to happen to Emil, an unnerving warning from his late grandmother returns to haunt him. A warning about Emil attracting the attention of the king of the dead.

Strange faces in wood patterns and mullioned windows. The apparition of a boy among the trees. The unfathomable feeling of sadness permeating the idyllic environment. Emil gradually learns that Wollstone is more than just a school, that the answers to a three-hundred-year-old mystery surrounding a tragic romance lie in the ruined stones of a small chapel and in Nature itself. And that Emil, whose appearance in school has set certain wheels in motion, will have to place himself at the mercy of three mysterious students if he wishes to learn the truth about Wollstone, the boy lost in the woods, and himself.



Interesting story like nothing I have read before. Emil is sent to a boarding school for boys and although not thoroughly happy with it. He has resided himself to doing the best he can. But from the moment he walked into the campus he feels that something is different, strange about the school. When strange things start to happen to him on a regular basis he is forced to investigate the school. What he finds out will change his life forever, and if he can pass the test’s set forth for him will also change the fate of the one person he never knew. At least in this life.

Fun story line with strong characters.


Reviewed By: Jerry

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