Country Crush by Shiloh Saddler/ Published by Secret Cravings


Title: Country Crush
Author Shiloh Saddler
Publisher: Secret Cravings
Pages: 39
Characters: Will Conrad and Blake Bonner
Sub-Genre Gay Cowboy
Stars: 3.5

Blurb Country singer Will Conrad is afraid coming out will tank his career. Being a celebrity makes it difficult to pick up a man and keep things secret. A gay one night stand online dating site is his salvation. While he is performing in Las Vegas he agrees to meet the real cowboy with whom he has been corresponding.

A car accident left championship team roper Blake Bonner with a paralyzed leg and a wounded heart. Now fully recovered, he is ready for a relationship, but will his blind date want to be topped by a cripple and will he treat him like a whole man?

When Blake finds out his date is Will Conrad he can’t believe it. He’s been his country crush since he hit the country music scene. But when the paparazzi catch them together will their burgeoning relationship be able to brave the media storm?

Review: Very good short story about two men from very different backgrounds coming into each other’s lives at just the right time. Will Conrad is a country star, gay and closeted. Afraid of coming out, with so much to loose there is just no reason until he finds the right guy. A car accident disabled Blake Bonner a few years back, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a world class rodeo-er. It did however stop him from meeting someone. Afraid no one would want a “cripple” to top them he just kept to himself. When both men decide to go on a online meeting place neither expects to meet anyone special. Both hoping for a one night stand before continuing on their journey’s. But the attraction is immediate. And a bond is formed very quickly.

Reviewed By: Jerry


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