Until the Sunset by Avril Ashton

Title: Until the Sunset
Author: Avril Ashton
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 116
Genre: Contemporary Alternative (mm) Romance
Kisses: 4


The need to lose himself in an anonymous hookup sends Hayden Yune into the arms of Garnett McKaye. Hayden finds comfort and passion, but not the ability to stop wanting his personal driver. Despite attempting to build on the bliss he finds with Garnett, Hayden can’t fight what he feels for Drew.

Drew Sparkes has to watch Hayden with someone else, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up trying to get Hayden underneath him. Soon Drew’s in competition with Garnett for Hayden’s affection. A battle that’s called off when Hayden proclaims he wants them both.

Of course Garnett isn’t interested in anyone but Hayden. Which doesn’t explain why he gets a hard-on pushing Drew’s buttons. Or how Drew’s tongue keeps ending up shoved down Garnett’s throat. While working out how the three of them fit together, they still have to deal with pasts intent on holding them back…at least until the sunset.


I found Until the Sunset by Avril Ashton to be a real nice read, and the characters are easy to like once the jealousy is dealt with.

Hayden and Garnet are really hot together, but then add Drew and you got some smoking hot scenes.

Hayden tells some hard truths about his history with his deceased husband, and his now trust issues and Drew’s past won’t let him go, but the three of them together is effortless.

If you want a read about three sexy men together with some angst, but not so much that it’s a downer then you will enjoy this book.

Avril Ashton is an author you will want to keep going back to and her Brooklyn Sinners Series are a must read!

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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