Chasing the Horizon by Scotty Cade

Title: Chasing the Horizon
Author: Scotty Cade
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 198
Characters: Garner Hold and Hawken Bristol
Sub-Genre: Romance
Kisses: 4


Needing a lifestyle change, Garner Holt, an uptight workaholic psychologist, buys a sailboat and trades in his prestigious job in New York City for a life on the water. After engine failure and six weeks in Savannah, Georgia for repair, he arrives in Key West, Florida early one morning and encounters a half-dressed hooligan walking along the docks of the marina. Garner immediately thinks this barefoot and shirtless man with a shaved head, multiple tattoos, and piercings in every orifice is going to rob him. He prepares for the worst. Instead, the stranger passes Garner by and climbs on a boat two slips down. With the threat of danger gone, Garner is surprisingly intrigued.

Hawken Bristol is used to being on the receiving end of stereotypes. He sees the fear on the stranger’s face, recognizes the rigidity in his stance, but is too tired from his wild night of partying to engage the frightened stranger. A few cat and mouse encounters around town lead to an uncanny attraction. However, after Garner helps Hawken dock his boat in a windstorm, sparks start to fly. But this new liaison brings up old baggage that threatens to derail everything they have going.


Garner Holt has done everything in his power to be a successful psychologist. Being the youngest ever to become the head of his department it is not without its downside. His has no personal life and has taken no time off. After years of this, he becomes burnt out and exhausted. Taking an early retirement and deciding to travel the coast on his sail boat, he sets off to new adventures.

Hawken is a walking contradiction. He is tattooed from head to toe and is covered with piercings. Because of his appearance, no one expects much of him. They don’t care how smart he is or how his friend is his center.

When the two men meet (not on great circumstances) the spark is lit. With both men not wanting a relationship they decide to have fun until one or both moves on.

Chasing Horizons by Scotty Cade is a solid, very enjoyable read.
The characters were strong and very well rounded and the plot was great! Scotty Cade did a wonderful job bringing you into their world and letting you be a part of it!

Reviewed By: Jerry


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