The Bone Cup by LJ LaBarthe

Title: Archangel Chronicles, Book 6: The Bone Cup
Author: L.J. LaBarthe
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 221
Genre: M/M, Angels, Demons, ShapeShifters
Kisses: 5


Gabriel and Michael lead the Brotherhood retrieve the Grail. If Gabriel cannot save the Grail, he may lose more than just his true love.

Sequel to The Crystal Lake; Archangel Chronicles: Book Six
Gabriel and Michael, hand in hand and leading the Brotherhood of Archangels, the Venatores, and the Archdemon Guild of Glass Knives, march into the mouth of madness to retrieve the Holy Grail with the blessings of both God and Lucifer. They cross dimensions and battle for the future of all realities: Heaven, Hell, Earth and Purgatory.
In Purgatory they are reunited with Naamah and meet her children, who are terrified of her. One of her allies is an angel, but they can’t identify the traitor. Gabriel faces his worst fear when Michael is injured and he might lose the unwavering comfort Michael embodies. If Gabriel cannot save the Holy Grail, he risks losing more than his one true love—all of creation might be destroyed along with them.


This is the sixth and final book in the Archangel Chronicles. ( as far as I know )

I have had fun and have been entertained from book one to book six.

This story has the Archangel’s, the Archdemon’s and the ShapeShifters still searching for the Holy Grail as the corruption is felt the world around.

The Archangels and Archdemon’s are figuring out that God and Lucifer may have a secret plan and have told no one. Michael and Gabriel are as in love if not more so than ever, and Lucifer has found new love in an old friend.

**WOW** these books just get better and better!

I loved to see all the couples together that have been in all the books including the shifter couples. All of these books in the Archangel Chronicles series have had deep plots with amazing love stories and hotter sex.

I highly recommend this series. They are now a part of my keeper library, and I believe yours will not be complete without them.

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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