Never Let it Go by Emily Moreton

Title: Never Let It Go
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: Emily Moreton
Pages: Day Dream (26pg)
Genre: Contemporary
Kisses: 4.5


Will is sent home from Afghanistan, but Isaac and Ade remain. He doesn’t trust news that they’re coming home early until he can see them.

After being seriously injured in an explosion, Will Jones is sent home from Afghanistan – alone. Struggling with the physical and psychological effects of his injuries is hard enough without worrying about the other two-thirds of his threesome, Isaac Andrews and Ade Drew, who are still on assignment. When Will hears that their unit is being recalled to the US early, it should be good news, but Will knows how quickly things can go wrong. He’s not willing to trust until he can lay eyes – and hands – on the men he loves.


This tale packs a lot of emotion into a short story and is a perfect length to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

The tale follows Will Jones once he is well on the road to recovery after being sent home injured from Afghanistan. Whilst his physical injuries are healing well his mental health isn’t so good. His nightmares relive the moments before he was injured in an horrific explosion that nearly killed him. And if that isn’t bad enough his two lovers Isaac and Ade are still serving in the war zone.

Understandably he worries constantly about their safety and we live that worry with him. Hearing that they are due home early only heightens his concerns and Will is pretty much crippled by his anxiety.

Part of me sympathized with him while part of me wanted to drag him to the airport so he could greet them and reassure himself of their health soon rather than later. However given the sexy way they did eventually greet each other it was probably a good job he stayed home and waited.

I have to admit I was disappointed when the story ended I wanted more energetic threesome sex after they’d slept and whilst Will was realistic enough to realize his nightmares wouldn’t completely stop now his lovers were home I really wanted to know he’d slept soundly that night at least.

I definitely recommend this story.

Reviewed by Smidgeson.


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