Captive by Pelaam

Title: Captive (Planet Alpha #4)
Author: Pelaam
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 26,850 words
Characters: Nakai, Einian, and Sukh
POV: Third Person
Sub-Genre: Science Fiction / Futuristic
Kisses: 3.5


When the Alphan warrior Nakai captures a Xyran pirate ship, the last thing he expects is to have his heart stolen by a beaten, human male named Einian. He’s equally surprised by the ship’s other captive, a badly injured Xyran who’s apparently important to the human Nakai has rescued.

Nakai wants to court Einian and take him as his mate. But he can’t ignore the Xyran Sukh, in part because of Einian’s feelings for him… and in part for reasons Nakai doesn’t even want to admit to himself.

But when Einian’s life is in danger, Alphan and Xyran must work as one to find him, each finally willing to face the attraction between them.

But have they left it too late?


“Captive” is told purely from Nakai’s POV, but even so, you still get a good feel for all the characters and the world he lives in. Nakai discovers Einian in the captain’s quarters of a captured Xyran ship and the human’s only words before he blacks out are about the only Xyran left on the ship.

Most of this story is actually set on Nakai’s home planet. Pelaam wove the details of the Alphan society very smoothly into the story, leaving me with a strong impression of the world and people around Nakai. And even though not a lot is said about it, Sukh’s reactions show some of Xyran society. I must admit, hearing that human society was in decline made me laugh, mostly because it goes back to classic sci-fi stories where humans are well and truly outmatched by other events and/or beings in the universe.

“Captive” reads very smoothly and shows how much Pelaam has learnt since her fan-fic days. It is very much a romance set in a science fiction background, and although Nakai’s instant desire for Einian as his mate screams of insta-love, it is not a sure thing and only Nakai’s actions in regards to Einian and Sukh help guide the relationship in that direction.

I would recommend this for readers of romance who like an easy, enjoyable book where the romance is the only plot. It is definitely one of the best books by Pelaam I’ve read yet.

Reviewed by Alison


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