The Changeling by Amanda Meuwissen

Title:The Incubus Saga, Book 2: The Changeling
Author: Amanda Meuwissen
Publisher: Big World Network
Pages: 468
Characters: Nathan, Jim and Sasha
Sub-Genre: Sci-fi, Gay romance
Kisses: 5+


Nathan Grier’s dark fae bounty looms overhead. As he faces the very real threat of becoming a slave to the bounty’s owner, his brother Jim uses his changeling abilities more and more trying to save him. Every changeling throughout history turns evil once their powers manifest, meaning time may be running out for both of them as Jim nears True Awakening.

Fae hunter and incubus, Sasha Kelly, is prophesized to save Nathan, but while Nathan has embraced his feelings for the other man, he fears their time together will be cut short—either from his impending fate…or Jim’s


This author does NOT disappoint! In her first Changeling book, she took you into a new world where Sidhe, humans and many others live. Good and bad, and some in between, the book follows the journey of three men.

Nathan and Jim are brothers who are forced to look out for one another. Why? At least one of them has been marked his whole life as a changeling.

Then there is, Sasha, the Incubus, that falls head over heals with Nathan.

Sasha will stop at nothing to make sure the only family he has known in a long time remains safe, and with him. In this newest installment, the boys set out to unmark Nathan from his deal with the unknown sidhe.

The men must figure out how to cope with human fear, a dangerous sidhe and growing powers from Jim that they are all afraid will consume him, essentially turn him into a monster.

I cannot rave enough about this author and this story! I am excited to be able to read and review it. I cannot wait for the next book!


Reviewed By: Jerry


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