Reunion Blues by Hennessee Andrews

Title: Reunion Blues
Author: Hennessee Andrews
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 39
Characters: Headon Morris, Evan Marshall
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 3.75


There was no way in hell Headon Morris was going to his high school reunion. Memories of why he had to leave home still haunted him, along with the image of one the guy his heart refused to let go of—Evan Marshall.

A lot had changed in ten years, except Headon’s feelings. Much was left unsaid, and for that matter, unfinished. Going back home for the reunion could help him put the past behind him once and for all. Would Evan even show? Could they pick up where they left off?

Headon had the blues, the reunion blues, and his decision to attend could change his life…forever.


A second chance at love. A familiar theme in romantic and erotic stories. Ten years ago Headon and Evan were about to experience their first love, in every sense of the word, when they were rudely interrupted and then forced to separate. Now a high school reunion offers them a chance to see if the spark still ignites.

As expected, it does. The memory of their first time was bittersweet and gentle. A decade later the two men are finally in a position to find out how sexually, and otherwise, compatible they are. These hot and heavy scenes are the best this story has to offer.

Beyond that, due to the shortness of the tale, the characters don’t become very deep or intricate or complex. As is, this is a simple story about two men who had waited a long time to get together due to their families being violent bigots. There is talk about coming home to settle scores with their families, but that is only alluded to, nothing more comes of it. It might have made the story a bit deeper and given the men some useful background, plus it could have made this more memorable.

In any case, the writing goes to the point, swift and sexy. For a short erotic tale, this serves its function. A bit of frolicking in the river is just fine for a quickie. A nice one.

Reviewed By: Susan


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