Amara: The Rebirth by Zathyn Priest

Title: Amara: The Rebirth
Author: Zathyn Priest
Publisher: MLR Press
Pages: 275
Characters: Emrys Amara, Matthew Mitchell
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Vampire, Shifter, Romance
Kisses: 5+


Legendary vampire, Emrys Amara, changes Matthew’s destiny when he’s thrown into a world of kidnap victims, werewolves, deceit, and the rebirth of the greatest vampire clan in history.

Matthew and his husband Dean are slayers, trying to end a chokehold Amara half-breed vampires put on Nottingham and kill the leader, Amdis. A diary supposedly written by legendary Emrys Amara is sent to them, yet they doubt the orphaned vampire could have survived the demise of his clan. Meeting Emrys proves them wrong. Matthew falls deeply; Dean’s jealousy takes a sinister turn.

A chain of events involving kidnapped children and werewolves follows as Amdis teams up with another vampire clan. Can Matthew and Emrys save the children while rebuilding the Amaras as the greatest vampire clan in history?


Every once in a while, I’ll come across a beautifully written story that lives within my heart and mind long after I’ve finished reading it. When I finished reading, Amara: The Rebirth, I found myself immediately starting over, and reading it from the beginning again. Why? I honestly wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the characters, and wanted to relive their story again and again.

Since the blurb does an excellent job at describing the story, I won’t rehash it. Plus, I want to thread carefully through this review because I do NOT want to spoil anything. Instead, I thought I’d talk about why I loved this book and why I highly recommend it.

Amara: The Rebirth is told in first person through Matthew’s eyes. We briefly get Emerys’ point of view through his writing, but basically, Matthew is the main storyteller in this book. Now, if you follow our reviews, you already know that first person is not my favorite POV. But saying this, I think Matthew’s narration does an excellent job at showing the emotions, not only within himself, but of all the characters in the novel, too. Also, the grit and well-told details of the mystery, action and romance in the story kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.

One of the things that Mr. Priest is a master at is his way of really capturing the moment and bringing the reader into any story he writes. I felt the anxiety and determination these characters had, and often felt like I was in the room fighting the good fight with them. I absolutely fell in love with Emerys and Matthew, and found myself really rooting for them to win their noble cause, as well as, find the happy ending they surely deserved.

These heroes will live in your heart. They are no cookie-cutter characters, but people who are humanly flawed, and even though they aren’t perfect, they are so easy to love. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to reach into the story and give both Emerys and Matthew a big hug, (I also wanted to kick Dean’s ass…but I digress) and hoped these two men kept the faith not only in their difficult fight, but in their love, too.

Another great thing about these characters is that ALL of them have many dimensions to them. Even the villains lived and breathed off of the written page. I felt both Emerys and Matthew’s fear of them and in the end, even though I hated them, respected them for what they were…which is nothing short of evil.

As you know, I’ve read my fair share of paranormal/vampire tales. What makes, Amara: The Rebirth, stand out is the unique and character driven storyline. I loved the intricate world and back-story Mr. Priest created for his vampires, and the lives they must live. Their lives aren’t always an easy one and living forever isn’t as glamorous as it would seem to be. It’s often a monotonous, violent and lonely existence. But, if they do find their soul mate, it does give them something they have lived without which is…hope. Hope for the future, and a better life than the lonely life they had before. Amara: The Rebirth has a fresh take on a much used genre, which made this an interesting, addictive read from beginning to end.

Between the nail biting suspense and the beautifully told romance, Amara: The Rebirth, is easily one of my all-time favorite books! Make sure you allow plenty of time to read, because once your start it, you’ll want to read it from start to finish without any interruptions. Believe me when I say that the mystery, romance and the almost lyrical way the story is told, Amara: The Rebirth, will definitely be a favorite of yours, too.


Reviewed By: Gabbi


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