No Greater Love by Andi Anderson

Title: Sons Of Aphrodite, Book 1: No Greater Love
Author: Andi Anderson
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books
Pages: 154
Characters: Eros and Keith
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Mythology
Kisses: 5


Eros thinks it’s pretty ironic that ‘Cupid’ wants nothing more than to find his own true love. Desperate, he enlists his mother, Aphrodite’s, help and she agrees to allow Eros thirty days off from his duties to possibly find the man of his dreams.

Keith Seeley is having the birthday from hell. He’s not only just turned forty, he’s had one mishap after another all day. When his friends insist on taking Keith to the club, being surrounded by younger men just makes him feel worse. But, when he meets the mysterious and sexy Eros, he immediately knows his life has changed forever. As time rolls by, Eros continues to be secretive about his past, putting a wall between them. When Eros comes clean about his true identity, will Keith be able to accept him for who he really is?

Please Note: This is a re-edited second edition. No other changes have been made besides edits.


Andi Anderson has written one of the sweetest stories I’ve read in sometime. Eros, who is a son of Aphrodite’s and also Cupid is lonely and desperately wants to find his own love, his own soul-mate and his mother gives into his request, giving him only thirty days to accomplish this mission. She hands over the cross bow and arrow to one of his brothers and sends Eros to find the man of his dreams.

Eros is every bit as lovely as his mother is, he’s petite, he has long blond hair, beautiful captivating eyes, if you’ve seen the cover to this story, I think it’s dead on how Andi see’s Eros in her head. He’s a happy go lucky guy, and when he spots Keith in a bar, he knew immediately the man was more than just a man, Keith was his soul-mate.

Keith is an accountant he’s out celebrating his fortieth birthday with his friends, at their insistence at a local gay bar. However, all he sees are young attractive guys and none of them interested in him, the older man. He thinks himself average, he wears glasses, and those are just two of the things that attract Eros to him.

Eros has just thirty days to find his soul-mate, he found Keith and their story is sweet and very cute. I loved when Eros’ brothers dropped in on them. Looking forward to reading the other books coming. OH, and Aphrodite’s, she’s not as bad as all that. She does love her boys.

Oh, let me not forget the sex scenes…hellishly hot!!

Reviewed By: Michele


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