If Two of Them are Dead by Jana Denardo

Title: If Two of Them are Dead
Author: Jana Denardo
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 122
Characters: Victor Van Voorhis
Sub-Genre: Steampunk
Kisses: 4


Called to Hyde Park, New York, ex-Air Corpsman turned detective Victor Van Voorhis comes to only three conclusions about his newest case: the gulf between his status and the wealthy Westbrook family is no trifling matter; someone brutally killed a young mother; and the victim’s brother-in-law is one of the most intriguing men Victor has ever met.

Inventor Abraham Westbrook lost his wife five years ago and is worried about the effect another death in the family will have on his children. He spends most of his time tinkering with steamships, but even his inventions can’t distract him from wishing Victor was in his life for any reason other than a murder investigation—one where Abraham himself is a suspect. He’s hidden his desires all his life, but no longer. Somehow, he’ll catch the detective’s eye.
With murder standing between them and a killer stalking the Westbrooks, Abraham and Victor’s chance at happiness could go up in steam


If Two of Them are Dead is a very fun story to read.

Victor Van Voorhis is a detective. His job is to ask the hard questions and to get to the bottom of mysteries. His latest case is one of extreme difficulty, which is an upper class murder of a women.

The hardest part for him is that no one wants to talk to a lowly detective, most think of him as beneath them. All except Abraham.

Abraham is the brother in law of the woman that was murdered, and he is VERY interested in the detective…in more ways than one. With the web of deceit getting thicker in the upper class, Victor has to temper his feelings for Abraham while trying to figure out who the killer is.

Reviewed By: Jerry


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