The Dragon’s Lover by Marie Medina

Title: Year of Stars, Book 2: The Dragon’s Lover
Author: Marie Medina
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Words: 28280
Characters: Ryu and Takumi
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Alternative MM Romance
Kisses: 3


Ryu, a dragon shifter and vampire, has found his mate, a man he already has strong feelings for, but he knows his confession is going to take Takumi, a fox shifter, by surprise. In a few days time, Takumi will be taking holy vows, and Ryu and his brother set out to stop him from doing so. But when they arrive, they find the temple in an uproar because the leader of the order has been kidnapped by a demon.
Takumi is distraught because of the abduction of his mentor, Mikimo, and seeing his good friend Ryu gives him great comfort. Takumi had long ago given up hope of anything happening between him and the powerful vampire, so Ryu’s revelation leaves him shocked and confused. As they search for Mikimo, Takumi consents to become Ryu’s lover, but he remains reluctant to acknowledge their matehood. As they fight side-by-side, will Takumi open his heart and accept the love the gods have ordained for him, or will he hold back because he’s afraid of being hurt?


This is the second in the series The Year of Stars.

There is a complex mix of characters and the main couple of this story are Ryu a halfling dragon shifter and vampire, and Takumi a fox shifter.

When Ryu realizes Takumi is his mate, he doesn’t immediately claim him, waiting instead to make certain he’s correct. When he finally makes the revelation, Takumi holds back from Ryu, still hurting from failing to get a reaction from Ryu when flirting with him.

Although the story has a good mix of action and romance, Takumi’s resistance wore thin rather quickly with me. I lost patience with his stance as he seemed more like a petulant child.
When Ryu’s mentor is kidnapped by a fire demon, Rya, Takumi, along with Hatomi and Mukimo go to rescue him.

My impatience with Takumi aside, it was a good story, they made a good couple, and the ending nicely sets up the next in the series.

If you like stylised stories with shifters and demons, this is for you.

Reviewed By: Pammyla


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