Foolish Me by Tinnean

Title: Foolish me
Author: Tinnean
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 328
Kisses: 5


The Light in your Eyes: Book Two

A Spy vs Spook Novel

Giving up a life as rent boy Sweetcheeks for his lover, William Matheson, was an easy decision for Theo Bascopolis. But years of selling his body and the lingering pain from being thrown out by his father leave Theo worried that Wills, who’s always had his family’s acceptance, can’t truly love him. Life has taught him love isn’t for rent boys, and he’s having a hard time tearing down the walls he built around his emotions and trusting that Wills sees beyond his past.

Despite Will’s reassurances, he leaves for an extended assignment with no contact, giving Theo too much time to think about the future. A message arrives, and as far as Theo is concerned, it proves him right. Maybe it’s too late to protect his heart, but he’s not going to hang around waiting for Matheson to stomp all over it. Theo runs, breaking all ties to his former lover.

When Wills returns to an empty apartment and no sign of his lover, he wonders whether Theo really wants to be found and if they are meant to be together after all. But they’ve been through too much, and Wills always gets his man.


I really enjoyed this sequel to Pick Up The Pieces. I loved the first book and had some doubt about could a sequel live up to that wonderful book.

Yes, it definitely DID! I loved seeing Theo and Wills living together. Wills’ job is still the big mystery, and Vincent is still around. All the rent boys have gone on to their own lives.

Theo is insecure in Wills’ love for him but it is understandable with his past.

There is devastating news he learns of when visiting his family.
Theo is not the only one hurt by family, and Wills must face his own family’s prejudice.

I am so in love with this couple the writing is outstanding, and I stayed completely involved with the story. The sex is still smoking hot with these two and the love, The patience Wills shows with Theo will melt your heart.

There are a couple surprise additions to the family and some great twists and I am hoping Tinnean has Vincent’s story coming out soon, he really needs his own book. (hint)

I highly recommend this book. You will have to get Pick Up The Pieces as the two books are not stand alone, but these will be a great addition to your library.

Reviewed by: Cheryl


1 Comment

  1. Thank you, Cheryl! I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am to know this worked for you. I love these guys, but then I’m their mom. 😉

    As for Vincent’s story, I’m in the midst of edits right now, and it should be out in June. (fingers crossed)


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