Haunted Heart by Susan Laine

Title: Haunted Heart
Author: Susan Laine
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 153
Characters: Duncan Kerr and Ruben Winterbottom
Sub-Genre: Romance
Kisses: 5


Duncan Kerr is the art director of Enamored Press, an erotic romance publisher based in Seattle. An open submissions call for new artists yields an imaginative book cover with rich details and bold colors that catches his interest. After a few more samples of work and some e-mails, Duncan is determined to hire the talented young artist on a permanent basis.
But Ruben Winterbottom isn’t an average freelance artist. His agoraphobia leaves him terrified to set foot outside his secluded house in the woods by the Olympic National Park. Living alone, fear is Ruben’s sole companion.

When the two men meet, Ruben has a panic attack and hides away. Although confused, Duncan sees past Ruben’s anxiety to his artistic gifts and beautiful soul. So he sets out to coax the young man out of his shy shell.
Falling in love with a broken boy, however, might be the first draft of heartbreak


The words sweet and endearing sum up the story for Haunted Heart by Susan Laine. It has a wonderful storyline with fantastic characters and it’s very easy to lose yourself within the story of this book.

Duncan Kerr is tn art director for a publishing house and part of his job is to look for new talent for cover art. When he places as add for new artists he has no idea what he will find.

Ruben Winterbottom is agoraphobic. He hasn’t left his house in years; since the horrible night he was beaten and raped by a man he thought he could trust. He is a true shut in. There are no family visits nor friends that come see him, even his grocery’s are delivered to his door. When he puts in for an art contest, he is amazed that he is selected and that the company wants to hire him. Now what is he going to do?

I really liked this book! It was a truly wonderful story

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Jerry


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