The Beta’s Beloved by Rebecca Brochu

Title: The Beta’s Beloved
Author: Rebecca Brochu
Publisher: Evernight
Pages: 213
Characters: Trace Cason and Lachlan Adair
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Shifter
Kisses: 4.5


A year after Declan Adair crashed into Carson territory and into the alpha Law’s heart, things have finally settled down. Except for the fact that Trace Carson, Law’s brother and right-hand wolf, is head over heels for the fiery but skittish Lachlan, Declan’s identical twin brother. The entire pack, including both of their brothers, knows how Trace feels about Lachlan. The only problem is that Lachlan seems completely oblivious to Trace’s interest.

Trace, in a final attempt to woo the elusive Lachlan, whisks him away to the northern reaches of the territory and a remote cabin deep in the heart of the forest. Trace hopes that he can convince Lachlan to give him the chance he needs to prove himself before someone else swoops in and takes his beloved away. Trace will do anything to prove to Lachlan that he can be the man and the wolf for him.


I liked the first book, but I loved this one. Trace never wanted a mate. He was content to be alone and take care of his pack and his restaurant, until the day Lachlan shows up.

Lachlan has had a really hard life. The only person he could ever count on is his twin. They have been through hell together and now that his brother is mated to the Alfa of the pack, so Lachlan is forced to make his life the best he can.

Trace has known from day one that he wanted Lachlan, but with everything the man has been through, he wanted to give him his space and to allow Lachlan to realize that he has a home, and that he is safe. But by waiting, Trace has given an opening to the rest of the pack. Now fearing that he may lose his chance at being with Lachlan, Trace is forced into proving he is the one for him.

The Beta’s Beloved by Rebecca Brochu has a great storyline with wonderful characters!


Reviewed By: Jerry


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