Herc’s Mercs: The Bigger They Come by Ari McKay

Title: Herc’s Mercs: The Bigger They Come
Publisher: Torquere Books
Author: Ari McKay
Pages: 158
Kisses: 4.5


Cade “Hercules” Thornton is an ex-Marine and soldier of fortune; now he’s the owner of Hercules Security, which provides the best bodyguards in the business. After his leg was crushed and reconstructed, Cade doesn’t do field work anymore – until a challenge is issued to him by wealthy Kate Morgan, who wants her “bookish” grandson protected from a stalker. She insists on having the very best bodyguard available, and that is Cade himself.

But there is nothing laid back or bookish about Dr. Jude Morgan. Having lived under the thumb of his grandmother his entire life, Jude is insistent that he doesn’t need a babysitter. Sparks fly when Cade tries to insinuate himself into Jude’s life, and Cade knocks Jude on his ass – literally.

Yet the danger to Jude is real, and Cade is the only thing standing between him and an increasingly more terrifying stalker. Cade’s protective feelings for his client become something more, while Jude begins to realize that his brawny, neo-Viking protector is a man unlike anyone he’s ever known. Yet as Cade and Jude grow closer, so does the danger.
Cade will stop at nothing to protect Jude, but Jude’s stalker is determined to get his man – even if he has to kill Cade Thornton to do it.


Herc’s Mercs: The Bigger They Come is the first book in a new series by author Ari McKay. This is a fast paced read with a couple of intense, hot guys who help hold the reader’s attention. Herc runs a security business and hardly goes out into the field any longer. However, when a job comes his way that requires his presence, he takes it. This is how we meet the second main character, Jude. Jude is a scientist just trying to live his life the way he wants. Unfortunately, the young doctor comes from a very wealthy family and has a grandmother who thinks she knows best.

Herc and Jude have some intense chemistry between them, which comes to the forefront when they are forced to play lovers in order to catch a stalker. I liked these two together, but what I really enjoyed is that the author did not make their coming together a sure thing in the beginning. In fact when the story starts, Jude fires Herc, and the big man has no problem walking away, or so it seems. It is only after Jude approaches Herc about becoming his bodyguard that the two finally start to hit it off.

There is a lot going on in this story with a few little twists and turns to keep the reader wondering what is going to happen. The book also has a wonderful set of secondary characters, bad guy aside, that help round out the story. I am curious about the men that work for Herc and can’t wait to see what the author will bring us next.

Herc’s Mercs: The Bigger They Come
was a wonderful start to what looks to be a fun and intense series. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a new author to try, or just craving an action packed story.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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