The Crystal Lake by LJ LaBarthe

Title: The Crystal Lake
Author: L.J. LaBarthe
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 260
Genre: M/M, Angels, Demons, Shape Shifters
Kisses: 5


The Brotherhood is moving to stop Naamah, the Grail thief. Michael and Gabriel’s love is tested as they join in on the hunt.
Sequel to The Wind-up Forest; Archangel Chronicles: Book Five

The thief of the Grail has been identified and the Brotherhood of Archangels is moving to counter her evil machinations. But as demons flock to the side of the thief and betray Hell, monsters are enslaved and shifters and an angel turn traitor. The love between Gabriel and Michael is tested as they join the rest of the Brotherhood on the trail of Naamah. Danger makes strange bedfellows in the form of Lucifer, the Archdemons, and Lilith.

A traitor lurks among the angels and humans, and the Venatores are discovering vital new information. Lovers Liam, a Necromancer, and Baxter, a shifter working for Michael’s Venatores unit, must face not just the living but the dead. Archangels Raziel and Uriel contend with demands on Raziel’s power that wear him to the brink of exhaustion.
The Brotherhood will need all their strength to prevail against the threats surrounding them.


This is a series that I have and still do recommend highly! It is not a series that can be read as stand alone stores, but must be read from book one and through each book individually, because they pick up from where the last one ended.

The couples in this series are mostly Angels, but there are also shifters and demons in the stories too.

It was especially nice to read about Michael and Gabriel, and the continuation of their story, this plot is so well thought out and the attention to details is masterful!

I do not want to give anything away, but I am on the edge of my seat as the plot thickens, hopefully we will find out who has betrayed the Angels. In the meantime the hot Angel on Angel sex will have to satisfy me.

The characters are very likable and I enjoy seeing them included in each story.

L.J. LaBarthe is a master story teller and this series is a must read! Once you do, you will want to revisit it often, I know I do!

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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