Sunspots Part 2 by Stephanie Burke

Title: Sunspots Part 2 [Angel Falls 5]
Author: Stephanie Burke
Publisher: Changeling Press
Pages: 60
Characters: Bryan Adams and Winston Macapthy
POV: Third
Sub-Genre: Paranormal (Magic, Shapeshifters)
Kisses: 3


Bryan Adams has finally landed a date with Mr. Perfect, Winston Macapthy. But forces beyond their control have turned the perfect romantic rendezvous into a desperate flight for survival. Aided by their friends in Angel Falls, as well as by the falls themselves, Bryan and Winston will do whatever they must to reach their happily ever after.


“Sunspots 2”, as its name suggests, is the second part of Bryan and Winston’s story. I guess you could call this the sexy action part of the story. I read it as a standalone, and it was okay like that, but reading “Sunspots 1” as well gave me a stronger, more fulfilling story.

The story starts with Bryan and Winston are on the run from the Hunters, hidden by Angel Falls, a semi-sentient energy force centered on the waterfall. From there we discover that Winston is a black man who shape shifts into a caracal due to a godly ancestor, and Bryan is a slightly tubby nerd who makes computer programs.

I have to admit, the way it started with ANITA had me chuckling. She almost stole the story from Bryan and Winston. I have read Stephanie Burke’s writing before, and usually find it to be good, light entertainment. I was a little surprised Bryan could outrun a Hunter, but I’m sure there was/is a reason for it. Maybe it will come up in later books.

Reviewed by Alison

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