Six Numbers by Wayne Mansfield

Title: Six Numbers
Author: Wayne Mansfield
Publisher: JMS Books
Pages: 81
Genre: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction
Kisses: 4


Benjamin is Mr. Average, but has big dreams. Every week he buys two lottery tickets in the hope of striking it rich. So imagine his surprise when, one Saturday night, his numbers finally come up.

Ten million dollars transforms his life. He buys his dream house and outfits it with every beautiful thing he has ever wanted, complete with a real British butler. He also donates to animal charities and adopts Sasha, an abused dog. Yet with everything perfect, Ben soon feels unsatisfied.

On one of his nightly walks, he stumbles onto a local hook-up spot. Soon he becomes a regular customer, seeking quick and dirty sex with random strangers to provide the exhilaration he craves. But when he’s attacked by a gay basher, he realizes this isn’t the life he wants to lead, and packs up everything to move to the countryside.

Settling into a simpler life on a small farm, Ben hires the rough and ready Mick to help run the place. The two men become good friends — Ben is attracted to Mick, but Mick appears to be straight, though curious about gay sex. But when Ben almost dies in an accident, the simmering attraction between the two comes to fruition.


Ben is a very lonely person, he has fought depression and has mostly won, but he still is uncomfortable being around people.

He starts engaging in very risky behavior and a terrible tragedy results from it, so he decides to sell his new home and move to where it is more quiet and rural.

I like straight Mick, he is his new handy man and these two become friends. After Ben has a mishap and is hurt, Mick steps up to the plate and seduces Ben and confesses he has feelings for him.

This story has no great highs or lows, it made me sad at one point, and was without a lot of drama or mind blowing sex.

I would recommend it if you are looking for a nice read without a lot of angst.

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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