Hungry for Love by Rick R. Reed

Title: Hungry For Love
Author: Rick R. Reed
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 196
Kisses: 4


Nate Tippie and Brandon Wilde are gay, single, and both hoping to meet that special man, even though fate has not yet delivered him to their doorstep. Nate’s sister, Hannah, and her kooky best friend, Marilyn, are about to help fate with that task by creating a profile on the gay dating site, OpenHeartOpenMind. The two women are only exploring, but when they need a face and body for the persona they create, they use Nate as the model.

When Brandon comes across the false profile, he falls for the guy he sees online. Keeping up the charade, Hannah begins corresponding with him, posing as Nate. Real complications begin when Brandon wants to meet Nate, but Nate doesn’t even know he’s being used in the online dating ruse. Hannah and Marilyn concoct another story and send Nate out to let the guy down gently. But when Nate and Brandon meet, the two men feel an instant and powerful pull toward each other. Cupid seems to have shot his bow, but how do Nate and Brandon climb out from under a mountain of deceit without letting go of their chance at love?


For those of us perfectly flawed individuals who say they are willing to try anything to find our perfect partner will enjoy this story of these boys brave enough to follow through on this concept. Brandan is nearing 30 and discovering that he wants more. More than a fling, more than a one night stand, more than a friendship with benefits. He wants the whole relationship but is struggling to find someone to take the jump with him in his life. Enter Internet dating, meddling ladies, mistaken identity, confused agendas and the adventure begins!!!

The budding relationship between Nate and Brandan is well structured well-paced and I found myself totally invested in them overcoming all the speed bumps to get their “happy ever after”. I loved them as characters both so very different, but warm and engaging, but so right for each other.

Rarely, if ever, do I find myself disliking any character in books I read. There is always something to discover about them, some quirk of character, that I can latch onto and develop if not at least a semblance of likeability or tolerance for. This was a struggle for me with the two main female characters, especially Marilyn. She was so full on and out there that in the end I wasn’t sure if I didn’t really like her because she was too much like me or because I wish I was more confident like she is!!!

Nate’s sister, Hannah, grew on me as her story unfolded, but Marilyn was just a bit too full on and out there for me to really embrace. This makes this review quite tough because if these women were so strongly written and developed that I felt I should like them. I felt like I had disappointed the author and myself by not actually liking them. But this is not their story. It is Brandon’s story. It is Nate’s story. The girls exist as part of their story but are not the focus of it so nor should they be the focus of this review.

I loved the imagery that Rick Reed created with his words. I loved the strength of the characters he created, whether I liked them or not!! This story is beautifully crafted and builds charmingly to its climax.

We could learn a little something from this book; to be true to ourselves, to believe we are worthy of all we dream of and to follow through with ideas and dreams. If we do this maybe, just maybe, we will find our own happy ending.

Reviewed by: Jacks


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