Shiny! by Amy Lane

Title: Shiny!
Author: Amy Lane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 200
Characters: Will Lafferty, Kenny Scalia
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 5


Will Lafferty and Kenny Scalia are both having sort of a day. Will gets fired for letting fifth graders read Harry Potter, and Kenny finds his boyfriend and his sex toys in bed with a complete stranger. When Will knocks over Kenny’s trash can—and strews Kenny’s personal business all over the street—it feels like the perfect craptastic climax to the sewage of suckage that has rained down on them both.

But ever-friendly, ever-kind Will asks snarky Kenny out for a beer—God knows they both need one—and two amazing things occur: Kenny discovers talking to Will might be the best form of intercourse ever, and Will discovers he’s gay.

Their unlikely friendship seems like the perfect platonic match until Will reveals how very much more he’s been feeling for Kenny almost since the beginning. But Kenny’s worried. Will’s newfound sexuality is bright and glittery and shiny, but what happens when that wears off? Is Will’s infatuation with Kenny strong enough to stay real?


A wonderful, realistically portrayed tale of two men meeting in a weird fashion and starting an unlikely friendship–and later an affair with beautiful consequences.

Will is fired from a religious school for letting his kids think outside the box and Kenny surprises his boyfriend at home during lunch, only to find him getting fucked by some other guy in their bed. In his underwear, Kenny throws his dick-of-an-ex out, plus his favorite but now tainted dildos–and Will crashes his car into said trash can with the dildos. And that’s how the two men meet. You can imagine what kind of ride they have in store after that, one bizarre twist after another.

Will is sweet and kind and straight and unimpressive in appearance. Kenny is flashy and opinionated and creative and with too many sharp angles to be considered pretty. They are almost polar opposites, but they have so much in common. Their shared project, a comic book series, takes on a life of its own, with a grand potential. Both men are so realistic and funny and smart and nice. I just wanted to hug them. Their lives are complicated and them getting together is even more complicated but… Love does what love does. Will is in this for the first time, honest and happy in his skin. But Kenny has his fears and doubts about Will leaving him for new and shiny guys. It’s up to Will to show Kenny he’s the only one for him.

The writing was so odd at first, I admit. There’s a curious casualness, a sort of free flow of thoughts put on paper, that I almost decided to pass on those sections. But… Ms. Lane has a way of bringing humor forth in every single page, and I laughed out loud reading this. The embedded humor made this a very likeable tale, and the realism had enough levity to show the positive outcome in store for us all if we only believe in it. Their families are very different, and deal with things differently. Will’s coming out talk with his mom was just superb, so funny and sweet. Kenny’s brother is a douchebag. We get both Will and Kenny’s points of view, and we get to know them intimately. I felt for them, empathized, sympathized… loved ’em.

I highly recommend this book for everyone who love MM romances.

Reviewed By: Susan


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