Velvet Scars by Sean Michael

Title: Velvet Scars
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 111
Characters: Argon, Yves
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Series, BDSM, Science-Fiction
Kisses: 4.5


Argon is the new master of the body mods shop at the rebuilt Velvet Glove and he needs an apprentice. He’s hoping for someone who will not only want to learn how to pierce, tattoo, scar and brand, but who is interested in being his submissive as well.

Brother Yves arrives at the body mods shop on a mission from the clerics of Mount Bell. The cloister has been his only home and he is totally innocent. Scared and far away from home, he nonetheless forges forward and presents himself to Master Argon, insisting that he is destined to be with the man.

Are Argon and Yves too different to find common ground, or are they destined to be together forever?


Sean Michael’s Velvet Glove series is one of my favorites. I was thrilled to see that he’s writing a new series, VG Resurrection, and I honestly couldn’t wait to get my greedy little hands on his latest installment, Velvet Scars. I’m pleased to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Like the other ‘Velvet’ books, I loved the characters and the intense chemistry between them.

Argon is a new modification artist at the Glove. As a top, he loves his job, but yearns to have his own sub to call his own. Argon does all kinds of body modifications in his shop…from tattooing to branding, he knows his services will be used quite frequently at the club, so he’s looking for an apprentice. But after several unworthy applicants, Argon is beginning to wonder if he’ll be able to have an apprentice after all…that is until Yves walks in the door.

Brother Yves isn’t sure what he’s doing at Argon’s shop which is located in the middle of the universe’s premier BDSM club for men. All he knows is his superiors have insisted that he leave the only home he’s ever known and go there to offer his services. Once he meets Argon, Yves is immediately drawn to the bossy, scar ridden man, and although Yves is frightened by him and his surroundings, there is something instinctively telling him that everything will be alright and that he’s found his home at last.

I loved the pull between these two men. Yves is a very gentle, naïve man who literally comes alive within Argon’s arms. I enjoyed watching these two men get to know each other, as well as, really begin a strong and lovely relationship between them.

The only reason why this book is not a five kiss review for me was the fact I thought their relationship was a bit too rushed. One moment Yves is untouched and unsure of being thrown into a lifestyle he’s never known and the next, he’s getting tattooed and pierced and claimed by Argon. I would have liked it if this book had been longer and there had been more depth to their relationship instead of it being so quick, but it still was a good, solid read.

Those who love the Velvet series will definitely enjoy this one. I can’t wait to read the next installment and see what Mr. Michael’s has in store for us next!


Reviewed By: Gabbi


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