The Pirate Witch by Damian Serbu

Title: The Pirate Witch
Author: Damian Serbu
Publisher: Mystic Books
Pages: 222
Characters: Alexander and Crispin
Sub-Genre: gay, pirate
Kisses: 5


Alexander MacBeth witnesses the murder of his parents for the crime of witchcraft, after which his uncle abuses him and authorities monitor him for signs of trafficking with Satan. Alexander saves himself by secretly honing his magical powers and with the burgeoning love he finds with the aristocratic Crispin Nottingham. When forces propel them apart, Alexander flees to the sea on a pirate ship. Yet darkness haunts him. And love torments him until again he faces life or death choices upon the high seas.


The Pirate Witch by Damian Serbu is a wonderful story! I was totally captivated from with this story from page one. The author’s ability to draw me into a world so completely incredible amazed me.

Alexander has had such a hard life. He watched both parents die at a young age, and then had to live with his very abusive uncle and be his slave. The only thing that got him through the years was his visits from ,Crispin, a court appointed “guardian”.

Crispin was sent to make sure that Alexander was being taken care of and not following in his mother’s footsteps as a witch. The two boys quickly strike up a friendship, and it slowly becomes more.

Alexander always follows his feelings, and does what makes him happy. Crispin, on the other hand, takes everything very seriously. Honor and duty rule his life. Things take a turn when Alexander is forced to flee, and the two men must go their separate ways.

Crispin finds his escape and family on board a pirate ship, while Crispin joins the royal navy. But what happens when the two men find themselves together again?

I loved this book and the author’s writing style so much, I will be searching out any other books he has written. I LOVED IT!

Reviewed By: Jerry


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