His Lion Tamer by Caitlin Ricci

Title: His Lion Tamer
Author: Caitlin Ricci
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 152
Characters: Charlie and Quinn
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 4


Charlie thinks his Friday will be the same as any other working as an animator, until Quinn Fitzgerald and his rescued Asiatic Lion, Aseem, walk into the studio. While the lion is impressive, his handler is the real reason Charlie’s heart skips a beat.

Quinn has devoted years of his life to rescuing big cats, so he can’t turn down the donation the animation company is offering in exchange for using one of his cats as a model.

Charlie isn’t quite as confident as the handsome, charming man his sister teasingly calls Sex God Quinn Fitzgerald. He’s so nervous he can hardly talk to the other man, so he’s shocked when Quinn not only notices him but invites him to spend the weekend at his big cat sanctuary.


His Lion Tamer
is a very fun and lighthearted book.

Charlie is shy and has a very hard time talking to men. When Quinn Fitzgerald walks in to his work with a big beautiful cat, he can barely look at the sexy man.

Quinn has devoted most his life to rescuing big cats, so when the opportunity comes up to take Aseem (his favorite big kitty) to an animation studio to be an inspiration to the artists, he has to go.

It also doesn’t hurt that the studio is going to give a donation to his sanctuary. What Quinn thinks will be just another public appearance, soon becomes much more. He invites Charlie to the sanctuary for the weekend and is shocked when the shy, sweet man actually comes.

What follows is a very endearing love story of two men.

His Lion Tamer by Caitlin Ricci is a fast, easy read with wonderful characters.

Reviewed By: Jerry


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