The Exile and the Detective by Edward Kendrick

Title: The Exile and the Detective
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Author: Edward Kendrick
Pages: 317
Kisses: 4.5


Doran, exiled from his homeland, still must deal with its allies and enemies in his new home. Detective Nick Groves’ life intersects with Doran’s and the problems surrounding him. Nick has a decision to make about the handsome exile. Will it be the right one?

Exiled from his homeland, Doran Taggart now runs a bookstore in his new home town. His only companion is his cat, Inwe. His only duties, despite his exile, are to protect the allies of his king and kill the king’s enemies, should they appear where he now lives.

Detective Nick Groves is searching for leads in the disappearance of two men and a woman. In the process, he meets Doran and is instantly captivated by the violet-eyed young man. Soon afterward, things take a strange turn with his case. Is Doran the cause, and if not, does he know why strange things are happening?

Nick must find answers to all this and more, while dealing with his growing feelings for Doran–feelings that are reciprocated; even though Doran knows nothing can come of them. The men are, after all, from two different worlds. If Nick learns the truth about him, Doran is certain it will the end of any chance for the two of them to be together.


While The Exile and the Detective is listed as a contemporary mystery, it also has a science fiction aspect to it, which was a bit of a surprise. Both the characters and plot are well thought out, with a mystery that keeps you guessing with little twists and turns, some of which you don’t see coming. As a romance genre fan one of the things I love is when there is a believable chemistry between the main characters. As easy as that may seem, I have read books where that connection failed. Yet, in The Exile and the Detective, the author lets you see the strong connection that forms, almost from the beginning, between Nick and Doran. Of course with Nick investigating some unusual crimes, and Doran in the middle of the investigation, you know there will be more than the usual fireworks.

I loved the whole science fiction aspect of this story. It gave The Exile and the Detective a fresh appeal and I could not wait to see how the story ended. I would also love to see more of these two and hope the author has plans to revisit them in the future.

I have read several stories by Mr. Kendrick and have enjoyed each one. I would have no problem recommending his books to readers of this genre and think that his books are a great place to start for those thinking of trying this genre for the first time.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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