Exodus by CC Bridges

Title: Exodus
Author: CC Bridges
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 200
Genre: Science Fiction / BDSM
Kisses: 5+


Henry “Hank” Abraham’s privileged status in the floating city of Heaven lets him flout Morality Laws that control the lives of others. But when he wakes up in the arms of another stranger, only bodyguard Ian Caldwell’s quick thinking saves his life.

Though Ian’s from the low levels and the labor class, he’s used to dealing with the pampered society of Heaven. He’s assigned to protect Hank while angels, cybernetically modified humans who defend Heaven, investigate the assassination attempt. Doing his job means Ian must ignore his growing interest in Hank. Acting on their mutual attraction would certainly get Ian reprogrammed, something neither of them can afford.

When Hank follows Ian to a popular BDSM club in Downside and ID chip is lost during a near fatal mugging, he finds himself locked out of Heaven. As Ian fights to get them home, rumors of impending war begin to circulate – along with more troubling news that Ian is wanted for Hank’s murder. While struggling to keep the man he has come to love safe, Ian must find out who’s behind the plot and if it’s a catalyst for war or just a convenient excuse.


This is an excellent story that held me spellbound from start to finish. The story runs smoothly, the characters are well rounded and the world building detailed and captivating.

I loved how the characters particularly Henry ‘Hank’ Abraham grew and changed as the story progressed. We were whisked through multiple assignation attempts, high class self indulgent parties to expulsion from Hank’s upper class world and down into the poverty driven, demon infested underworld. We discovered political conspiracies and inter-family plots. War-mongering and rapid intolerance of sexual differences. Among the dregs of Heaven’s society we found love, tolerance, violence, acceptance and the highly illegal world of BDSM.
I loved how Hank changed from self indulgent idiot into a person willing to fight his family and even give up his entire world for the man he loved. In Ian Caldwell we discovered a man who valued duty, loyalty and love above all else; who was willing to give up his life to return his lover to a world he preserved as safe.

As you can probably tell I loved this story and am more than happy to highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Smidgeson


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