Floodgates by Mary Calmes

Title: Floodgates
Author: Mary Calmes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 234
Sub-Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Kisses: 5


Tracy and Cord have fought their attraction for years. When Tracy finds himself with a target on his back, Cord rides to the rescue.

Tracy Brandt considers himself a lucky man. He has a wonderful family, good friends, and a dependable job. His love life, however, features a cheating ex who, though out of the house, is not yet out of the picture—with a past that just might get Tracy killed.

Homicide inspector Cord Nolan wants nothing more than to show his best friend’s little brother that he’s a reliable man, but to do that he’ll have to get Tracy to look past the player he used to be. It’ll be a tough sell; reputation is everything, and Cord’s is tarnished by his past indiscretions.

Tracy and Cord have spent five years trying to suffocate their fiery attraction under a blanket of grudging antagonism. When Tracy finds himself with a target on his back, Cord finally has the chance to ride to the rescue and break through the dam of Tracy’s reserve. But he’d better be careful: if Cord is breaking the floodgates to wash away the past, he’s going to have to hold tight to Tracy to make sure they’re still standing when the tumult recedes.


Mary Calmes writes characters and weaves stories around them that catches you from the first page, so much so, I am not able to put the book down until the very last page.

Tracy is a loving, beautiful man who makes everyone around him feel special and loved. Someone is trying to kill him and Cord will do anything to protect him.

Cord is all Alpha male who is crazy about Tracy but feels Tracy only sees who he used to be…a manwhore. There is a lot of testosterone in this book and plenty of beautiful men to drool over!

I loved Tracy’s brothers and I hope to read more of them in further books!

Floodgates is a great read and I would recommend it, as I do all of Mary Calmes work.

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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