Master Me by HC Brown

Title: Master Me
Author: HC Brown
Publisher: Rooster and Pig Publishing
Pages: 55
Sub-Genre: BDSM
Kisses: 2.5


After Leo Marshall survives a storm at sea, he discovers the watery vortex he hurled through was a gateway to another realm. As a filthy disease ridden human, he is not welcomed into the strange world of unusual diverse humanoids and finds refuge with a shifter. His immediate lustful attraction to the delicious BDSM Master, Ashrin of Ecatnie Pride is so powerful it’s frightening. The rules are different in this future realm and frequent sex with a multitude of partners is expected. Leo wants Ashrin exclusively but is afraid his Master will love him —to death.


The blurb for this novella really intrigued me and I was looking forward to a short but hot read full of conflicted emotions and steamy sex. Sadly what I got was a disjointed read that glossed over much of promise in the blurb.

I generally avoid reading or writing reviews that are spoilerish but I’m struggling to stick to my own rules here, so please accept my apologies in advance if I give too much away.

The story starts really well, with Leo Marshall dreaming of a sexy and loving master. When he wakes he’s aboard his small fishing vessel and the weather has turned stormy. He is quickly sucked through a vortex and into an alternative world where he is soon found by one of the strange aliens that live there. As soon as they find out he is human he is declared ‘filthy and disease ridden’ sadly this is where the story began to go downhill. I found it far too convenient that a Spell Weaver who could cleanse his body of all his human diseases appears on the scene immediately and never again is he regarded as filthy or disease ridden.

Too many times from this point onwards I found myself dropped out of the story both by errors in the writing and scenes that left me asking ‘What? Why? Huh?’ One of the biggest of those ‘What? Huh?’ moments came when we are suddenly told that Leo is a teacher of Karate and owns a Dojo. I never did figure out why he was on a fishing boat in the opening scene which to put it mildly irritated me.

I appreciate that this story is just a short novella which naturally seriously limits the amount of time HC Brown can spend building the story but her tendency to tell rather than show a scene also let the story down for me.

I’m sorry Ms. Brown but this is one story where I think the promise in the blurb far outstrips the quality of the actual story.

Reviewed by Smidgeson


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