Tempted to Taste by Shawn Lane

Title: Tempted To Taste
Author: Shawn Lane
Publisher: Amber Allure
Pages: 60
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Series
Kisses: 4


Ryan Callahan’s parents died in a boating accident off Sutter’s Bay when he was five years old. Now, Ryan is back in the bay and ready to live in the Victorian reproduction house his father built for his mother. And he’s also ready to get his dream job as a chef. The job of head chef seems to fall into his lap when the bay’s newest restaurant, Mabry’s, is short-staffed, but when the sexy-as-sin owner, Chris Mabry, returns from vacation, he fires the inexperienced Ryan on the spot. Ryan’s dream seems to be over before he gets a chance to prove himself. Yet when Chris quickly realizes his restaurant is truly failing without the help of a creative and talented chef, he rehires Ryan. As Mabry’s prospects for success take a turn for the better, things start to sizzle between Ryan and Chris. And soon, Ryan is cooking for Chris…personally………..


I enjoyed Tempted to Taste by Shawn Lane, I found it very well written and the characters both believable and lovable.

Both Ryan and Chris have had their hearts broken recently, but when they found themselves attracted to each other almost immediately, they did not hold back on giving each other a chance.

Of course with all good stories we wish it could have been longer, but I did not feel cheated when I finished it.

I recommend Tempted to Taste and hope you look into Shawn Lane’s other works, I don’t feel you will be disappointed!

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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