Serving Mr. Right by Sean Michael

Title: Serving Mr. Right
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Amber Allure
Pages: 57
Characters: Tony, Finn
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Light BDSM
Kisses: 4.5


Ten years ago, Finn walked away from Tone and the BDSM lifestyle. It was a bad break-up, and while Tone hasn’t been able to find anyone else, he likes to tell himself he hasn’t given Finn a second thought.

Now the chef/owner of Decadence, one of the most exclusive restaurants in town, Finn is a changed man. When he discovers Tone is a guest at his establishment, he can’t help but moon a bit over the one he pushed away. He knows he at least owes Tone an apology, and arranges a meeting.

Tone instantly realizes he’s not really over Finn, but can he believe that the man has changed? Or would a reconciliation simply lead to even more heartache?


If you’re looking for a short and sexy erotic romance, then Serving Mr. Right by Sean Michael is definitely the book for you! Whew! Be prepared, because once you start reading this erotic gem of a novella, you won’t want to stop!

One of the great things about Sean Michael’s books is the sizzling chemistry between the two heroes. Because this is a reunion romance, I thought the connection between them was even stronger than some of Mr. Michael’s other works. I liked the banter between Tony and Finn and really enjoyed the H-O-T moments they had together. They were an easy couple to root for and I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two men rekindle the romance and love between them.

Like most short stories, the story itself is a fast-paced one. There isn’t a lot of backstory between them, except that things had gone badly and they broke up. Both men, Finn in particular, matured and had to live his life without the guidance of Tony to become the stable, successful man he is today. I also liked how easy it was for Finn to fall into the role of sub to Tony and enjoyed realizing how much each man has grown and how well they ended up fitting together.

Although this D/s romance, it doesn’t have a hardcore BDSM theme going on. I personally think this would be a great book to start with for any reader who is interested in trying out the sub-genre. As usual, Mr. Michael was able to give this reader an hour or so of pure, erotic romance that is nothing but a guilty pleasure from start to finish

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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