Bite Me, Too by Jana Downs

Title: sHarmony Shifters, 2: Bite Me, Too
Author: Jana Downs
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Characters: Evan and Brandon
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, Shape-shifters
Kisses: 4


The only thing that Evan enjoys is playing in a hacker hangout and chatting with a fellow computer expert, BlackJoy. Up to this point, he’s avoided the matches made by sHarmony’s “Love Experts,” but he is ready to try just about anything to find his prince charming. Little does he know that fate has already set him up with his perfect match.

Brandon is very intrigued by the man he plays games with on Hackverse. Working as head of internal security at sHarmony, he recognizes some of the programming he’s encountered in the system as WrightTrigger’s handiwork. Once he finds out that Evan has a profile on sHarmony, it’s all too easy to set them up on a date. He doesn’t know that the man who intrigues him is really the mate of his dreams.
As their courtship heats up, outside threats might put a permanent end to their courtship before it really has the chance to blossom into romance.


I really enjoyed this book. I love shifters, and aquatic shifters are far rarer than their land-based counterparts. I also liked the premise that the human mate of a shifter can become a shifter themselves, although not necessary the same species.
Brandon knows very quickly that Evan is his mate, but wants Evan to love him before taking things further. Unfortunately an over-enthusiastic bite and a faulty condom begin Evan’s transformation to shifter before either man is ready.

Real life intervenes, and the couple are kept apart by work. While shifters are part of society, they aren’t welcome by all humans and Brandon is caught in an explosion in work caused by human hate groups.

Denied access to his mate, Evan is frantic, and has to settle for helping one of Brandon’s friends who was also injured. As soon as Brandon’s lucid, he demands his mate is allowed to be with him, and they both declare their love.
The couple make a great pair. Brandon is an awesome alpha male, Evan is his perfect mate, and the sex is sizzlingly hot.

I recommend this to anyone who likes shifters, great couples, hot sex, and a HEA

Reviewed By: Pammyla

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