No Shadows Fall by LJ LaBarthe

Title: Archangel Chronicles, Book 3: No Shadows Falls
Author: L.J. LaBarthe
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 262
Kisses: 5
Genre: Paranormal, Angels and Demons


Newly bonded Archangels Michael and Gabriel are torn from their idyllic island retreat by the singing of hymns heralding stunning news: Gabriel’s ancient foe, Semjaza, has escaped from his prison in the stars and now seeks revenge and utter conquest.

With the wisdom of Archangel Raziel to guide them and help coming from the most unlikely of quarters, Gabriel and Michael join with the Brotherhood of Archangels to hunt Semjaza down and finish him once and for all. Because Semjaza’s return to Earth doesn’t threaten just Gabriel and his loved ones—it threatens the whole of humanity.
But even more danger lurks in the shadows, threatening the Brotherhood from within. If Gabriel and Semjaza finally face each other in single combat, will Gabriel survive the contest, or will Michael lose his one true love?


It is really rare to have a series that just gets better, and better but L.J LaBarthe has accomplished just that with this series.

Michael and Gabriel finally bonded in the last book and before they could explore what that means to them they get the news that Semjaza has escaped his prison in the stars. Michael knows that Semjaza will come for Gabriel who put Semjaza in Prison after the Angel created children with humans.

I love the interaction of the Archangels, and I am still fascinated with each love story, we get to see more of their stories as the Archangels come together to find Semjaza and protect Ishtahar and her children by Semjaza. Archangel Remiel, the Angel of mercy is Ishtahar’s mate and is scared to death he will lose his beautiful mate to Semjaza who had so brutalized her in the past.

These stories are so well thought out and just keep me riveted from first to last page.

Michael and Gabriel are the * stars * of this series but you fall so in love with each Archangel and their mate that you do not resent their story’s being told also, and welcome each fascinating tidbit that we are given.

Why do the Archdemon’s keep coming to help and what is Lucifer up to?

I highly recommend this series and I wait impatiently for each new book to come out.

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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