Ashley and Amber from Alabama would like what you would. To be married. Lets help them out!

I’m doing a special post today for two friends that God has given to me. Please take a moment to help them achieve their goals. All you have to do is Vote! Easy stuff there…(Amber is also known as Seth, my co-writer for the upcoming fourth Lethal Obsession story: Just Breathe)

Our Story

We met online 8 years ago. I was, as we say, ‘Rapunzeled’ in my house, and Amber lived a fast and wild life. I call her my Flynn Rider. After a year she flew from AL to sweep me out of my tower for my prom in SLC. From that first goodbye we knew we had to be together no matter what. Her father had dementia and Alzheimer’s, so as his power of attorney she was unable to leave. I moved from SLC to to be with her at 17 but I had no idea how I’d stepped into a land of ignorance and blind hatred. Her father passed away in 2013, so our new goal is to move back in with my mom for financial relief.

Why Equality Matters To Us

I am a dark-skinned Puerto Rican that is queer in orientation and fluid in gender, as far as Amber is concerned she is bisexual and gender questioning, so needless to say, we both have our individual struggles regarding equality, something we struggle with normally, even within the LGBTQA community itself. That being said… Equality matters to us as a whole because I want the generations of our future to effortlessly raise their children in an environment where their safety and pursuit of happiness is enjoyed like air, which is something we’ll be tirelessly fighting for our entire lives.

Our Big, Gay (Il)legal Wedding Idea

I would make travel arrangements for as many members of my family as I could to come down to AL. From AL, Amber and I would get the largest buses we could and grab all of our friends here in AL to take a huge road trip. We would drive to NYC, where two of our really great friends live. One of those friends is in the band She Said Fire. We would plan our wedding around one of their concerts. After the wedding we would all attend the concert, and we would have a rockin’ ceremony, and for once not worry about finances or stress about anything, at least, for a beautiful, fun-filled moment.

The Movie That Describes Our Relationship

Tangled…she says I’m her new dream, but she is mine.

Top Three Items On Our Bucket List

1. Attempt to have children and challenge Amber’s PCOS.
2. Move to a state where equality is a prime concern, and diversity is embraced.
3. Travel the world! We would love to see other countries, let alone the rest of the United States! I know these aren’t too “long term”…but it’s hard to see too far in the future when the near future seems so unobtainable all the time. We’d just like to be able to move out of Alabama and get on our feet before we can comfortably dream much farther than that.

Three Words That Describes Our Relationship

Strong, overcoming, fantasy.

Please take a moment and go here to VOTE:

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