Burning up the Sheets by D.J. Manly

Title: Burning Up The Sheets
Author: D. J. Manly
Publisher: Amber Quill
Pages: 77
Characters: Ray, Lautrel
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Action/Suspense
Kisses: 4.25


Police officer Ray Nixs has just come off a hard case, and he’s still mourning the death of some children he was unable to rescue from a psycho. His partner wants him to return to work, yet Ray has enough troubles just dragging himself out of bed each morning.

Then Ray is offered a different type of job, a chance to guard a famous rock star for a few weeks. Ray knows he definitely needs something to help himself get back on track, to ease himself into work again, and the rock star in question, Lautrel Jennings, is someone Ray actually knew in high school, so he decides to take what he hopes is a cushy assignment.

Could the handsome, out-and-proud rock musician be the right kind of therapy for Ray, or are the men just too different to even get along?


Ray had a really bad case at work, and he needs a break, or he’ll have a breakdown. He becomes the bodyguard of an infamous rock star, Lautrel, who he also knows from high school. Lautrel is a shameless flirt, and Ray finds the man hard to resist. But Lautrel has a serious problem with an obsessive stalker, and there’s nowhere to hide.

The writing’s good, the pace just right, and Ray and Lautrel complement each other’s characteristics extremely well. Ray may seem stoic and strong, but he’s had some awful experiences on the job, which show us the vulnerable man behind the badge. And Lautrel may appear wild and untamed, reckless and casual with his flirtations, but he’s kind at heart and he wants to love.

Yes, some of the story is predictable, and yes, at times you’ll see the movie Bodyguard flashing before your eyes. Nonetheless, overall, a good story with hot and tender moments, plus some danger toward the end. Not bad at all.

Reviewed By: Susan


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