Acrobat by Mary Calmes

Title: Acrobat
Author: Mary Calmes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 248
Kisses: 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Forty-five-year-old English professor Nathan Qells is very good at making people feel important. What he’s not very good at is sticking around afterward. He’s a nice guy; he just doesn’t feel things the way other people do. So even after all the time he’s spent taking care of Michael, the kid across the hall, he doesn’t realize that Michael’s mob muscle uncle and guardian, Andreo Fiore, has slowly been falling in love with him.

Dreo has bigger problems than getting Nate to see him as a potential partner. He’s raising his nephew, trying to leave his unsavory job, and starting his own business, a process made infinitely more difficult when a series of hits takes out some key underworld players. Still, Dreo is determined to build a life he can be proud of—a life with

Nate as a cornerstone. A life that is starting to look like exactly what Nate has been seeking. Unfortunately for Dreo—and for Nate—the last hits were just part of a major reorganization, and Dreo’s obvious love for Nate has made him a target too.


If you are as much as a Fan as I am of Mary Calmes work you will not want to miss this book!

Nate is just the kind of guy you can see yourself being around and you know you will be best friends for life.
From the first pages of this story where he is having lunch with his lovable ex wife Mel you can’t help but laugh and fall in love with these characters.

As Mel lovingly nags Nate to go on a date with his former student sexy young Dr. Sean Cooper you think you know what direction this story is going to take but no it goes in a totally different direction.

Nate looks out for his neighbor Michael a teenager who is home alone quite often as his uncle Dreo is gone a lot and he seems to be a shady character. People seem to gravitate towards Nate and Dreo is no exception, as Dreo’s world comes apart Nate is placed in danger by a mob hitman and his ex police detective boyfriend Duncan Stiel comes into the picture to raise hell with Dreo and all of Nate’s crazy but loving family and friends gather around to protect Nate the story brings a lot of laughter and tears and most of all love!

Dreo and Nate really do belong together and the steamy hot sex scenes are not to be missed!

Mary Calmes writes a story that brings a depth to all her characters and I end up loving all of them!

I recommend this story, and all her books are just as wonderful.
Hot angry Detective Duncan Stiels story is told in the book “Parting Shot” which is the final book in her Matter of Time series.

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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