Jessica Freely talks about how her Freedom series came to life!

The Freedom Series: How it All Began

I didn’t plan to write a series of science fiction romance stories about a rebel and an office worker. In fact originally, the first story in the Freedom series, Unlawful, was written as a giveaway to readers who purchased my novella, His Own Devices, during release week. But after I wrote it I found I was intrigued by the characters and their world, so I just kept going.

In His Own Devices, my protagonists, Cam and Sunshine, are enslaved by a race of people known as the Hanovans, who live under a corporate oligarchy. The Hanovan Emperor is also the CEO of the all-powerful corporation, Zenesco, that rules everyone’s lives. His Own Devices paints a pretty ugly picture of the Hanovans, and that got me to wondering if all of them were as cruel as the guards we meet in Cam and Sunshine’s story.

I’m not much for the idea that any group of people can be inherently bad, and I had a feeling that maybe not every Hanovan agreed with the way their ruler runs things. Those thoughts were the seeds for Unlawful, and from that first story, the saga of Larke and Droje, two Hanovans who do not fit the mold for what their culture deems proper, or even legal, spun out.

With Unbound, we finally see Larke and Droje with enough time to relax, get to know each other, and spend some quality time. But of course, they are still on the run, they still have a mission, and complications ensue. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them as they battle enemies within and without in their continuing quest for freedom.

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