Bottoms Out by Etienne

Title: Bottoms Out
Author Etienne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 266
Kisses: 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Series


Chris and Mickey settle down to raise Chris’s brother Ted. But Ted’s been abused and Chris wonders how many secrets one family can have.

About a Bottoms: Book Two; An Avondale Story

After the death of their mother, Chris Bottoms adopted his little brother, Ted, and Chris and his partner, Mickey O’Donovan, settle down to raise him. Through paperwork left by his mother, Chris learns his brother has a deeply troubled past.

During a Thanksgiving visit with Chris and Ted’s maternal grandparents, they find out Chris’s grandfather allowed his friends to abuse Ted, so Chris severs all ties with that side of his family.

Through his job at a hospital, Chris hears of a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic who has developed an ileostomy reversal technique that has proven successful in cases like his. When Chris enters the clinic for preliminary testing, he learns he is a good candidate for the procedure and schedules the first of two surgeries for the beginning of January. A visit from estranged relatives while he’s in the hospital leaves him wondering how many secrets one family can have.


This is book two in the Avondale Bottom Ups series. If you have not read Bottoms Up I highly suggest reading it first before beginning this book.

Bottoms Out continues where Bottoms Up stopped, and is just as fascinating as the first story and just as well researched.

Chris and Mickey are learning how to parent Ted with the help of all their new friends in Avondale. When Ted continues to have nightmares Chris takes him for intense therapy and discovers the horrors the ten year old has gone through.

Chris and Mickey are still intensely in love and their love life has not suffered at all. Chris is told about a Doctor at the Mayo Clinic that can correct his previous surgery so maybe he can live a more Normal life.

This book has a lot going on and meeting new friends and becoming more involved with the elderly twin sisters that live across the street, while dealing with Ted’s trauma and Chris’s health.

I love the interactions of Chris, Mickey and Ted With the couples of Avondale and I will be buying their books because they are so interesting and fun.

I highly recommend this book and the series as well. Bottoms Out is both a wonderful love story and will pull your heartstrings as we learn about the abuse that ten year old Ted has gone through.

I’m definitely looking forward to the third book of this Bottoms Up Series comes out this summer and I cannot wait!

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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