Full Moon Dating: Aiden and Ben by Julia Talbot

Title: Full Moon Dating: Aiden and Ben
Author: Julia Talbot
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 38
Characters: Aiden, Ben
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Shifters/Werewolves, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 5


When Aiden goes to Wyoming on the dime of the Full Moon Dating service, he doesn’t really think he and country wolf Ben will be right for each other. He just wants some time off from city life.

Ben knows better right away. He and Aiden are meant to be together, despite Aiden’s city ways and cluelessness about being a werewolf. Can he convince Aiden to stay with him, or will Ben, and Full Moon Dating have to write this one off as a mistake?


For a short novella, this one had surprising warmth, depth, and likeable characters.

A dating agency for paranormal beings? A cool, intriguing contemporary twist. But the best part of the story—hot sex coming as a close second—are the main characters. Aiden, the city wolf, is out of touch with his wolf nature, and he has never been loved, cherished or pampered. He even eats less than he should. Enter the picture Ben, the country wolf cowboy, who is determined to show the little red wolf how to be an animal again, and how to be the object of someone’s undivided attention.

The story moves at a swift pace, yet gives the impression of a leisurely advancing date. The writing reflects this, good and to the point, erotic and sensual. One minor negative to note is the rare use of names. It’s often he this, he that, and after lots of dialogue and action I wasn’t always clear who was saying what and doing what. Use of names could have been more frequent, no law against that.

Aiden’s journey in learning how to be a wolf, not to mention how to be submissive, was done very well, in an engaging manner that was easy to relate to and sympathize with. And Ben? Well, he’s just a whole hunk of delicious man-beast, plus he’s a cowboy. What’s not to love?

Overall, considering the length, a well written, romantic little tale about a date that goes, oh, so right. The bits about wolf life are spicy extra. Recommended.

Reviewed By: Susan


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