Love Most Inconvenient by DJ Manly

Title: Love Most Inconvenient
Author: D.J. Manly
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Pages: 91
Characters: Multi-Characters
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 2.5


Sometimes love can be most inconvenient.. At least it sure is in D.J. Manly’s new trilogy of deliciously devilish, sexy, romantic contemporary comedies featuring three couples, who most inconveniently meet the love of their lives!

In No Vacancy, Manuel returns to his apartment late at night fresh from an undercover job only to find a strange man in his bed.

In Right Before My Eyes, it’s love at first sight for Paul, who falls for the smokin’ hot DJ at the rock and roll radio station where he gets his dream job, only to discover that this guy could be the bloody poster boy for heartbreaker of the year!

In My Name is Dane, Mark kidnaps the guy responsible for getting his sister pregnant, a guy who insists his name is not Christopher, but Dane!

Experience the love, the lust, and the calamity, and see firsthand how love won’t be denied, even if it is bloody inconvenient.


I admit wholeheartedly this collection of three stories wasn’t for me. I thought it was mainly rubbish. The writing was good, but the stories themselves… Let me explain.

In the first story, No Vacancy, Manuel breaks into an apartment and is hit over the head with a baseball bat—and he continues like nothing happened! In the real world, you hit someone in the head with a baseball bat, their skull breaks and they don’t come up again, let alone to flirt with John, the stranger who did it. Completely insane. And this is just the beginning! Manuel is a detective, so when John gets the police involved when Manuel threatened John with implied rape and murder, the cops apologize to Manuel and leave! I mean, Manuel’s name isn’t on the lease, and yet they laugh at John’s statement about an intruder because he’s an actor and Manuel’s a cop! Even cops today wouldn’t be that dumb! I’d sue their incompetent asses!!I suppose all the above was supposed to be humorous, but NO. It wasn’t, just stupid. Someone else might find all this funny. Have at it.

The second story, Right Before My Eyes, was the best of the three. Paul falls for Marco, but nothing comes of it. Then he falls for Philip, a closet case and a liar and a cheat. Years later Paul has to accept he made a mistake. Is it too late to have Marco? This story was a good example of inability to see faults in someone you love. That blindness can be harmful. This was realistic and compelling. You want to shake Paul to see what’s right in front of him, but it isn’t easy to let go of love, even if it’s bad. I liked this story the best, and it was the only reason I brought the rating up from two stars to two-and-a-half.

Now we come to the last story, My Name is Dane—quite probably the worst story I’ve read in a long time. Mark claims to be a good man, but he allows his gangster-wannabe brother Frankie beat up a man with brass knuckles, and then abducts him and ties him to a bed in a remote cabin just because their dumb sister managed to get herself pregnant by another gangster. In what world is this acceptable, let alone erotic? And the man Mark kidnaps is the wrong man, Dane, not Christopher! This was by far the dumbest, most aggravating story ever! Hated every minute I wasted reading it. I mean, really: A man beats you, kidnaps you, ties you down, and threatens your life—and Dane decides to flirt with and kiss Mark?! WTF?! I couldn’t read the whole thing, it was just too effing idiotic. I jumped to the end. And… Dane lets Mark get away with it all ’cause he has a cute butt and he falls in love. OMG…. *eye-roll*

As is, there are way better anthologies about inconvenient love scenarios out there. The writing is skilled and good, but the content? Sorry, not for me. See for yourselves if you want a second opinion. Who knows? You might like this.

Reviewed By: Susan


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