No Quarter by L.J. LaBarthe

Title: No Quarter
Author: L.J. LaBarthe
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 220
Kisses: 5


Gabriel commands Heaven’s legions of Seraphim, and Michael is his superior. Together they must beat back the forces of Hell to save Earth.

2nd Edition

Archangel Chronicles: Book One

You would never know it from his flamboyant lifestyle, but Gabriel’s not just the cheerful, fun-loving adoptive father of a pair of indulged young adult humans. He’s an Archangel, commander of Heaven’s legions of Seraphim, and despite his apparently easy virtue, he’s harboring a serious crush on his superior officer, Michael.

For years Michael has devoted himself to developing a team of humans, the Venatores, to aid in the fight against Hell. He’s been pining after Gabriel for centuries without hope, believing himself to be too serious to attract the other Archangel’s interest. He’s happy to discover that he’s wrong, but their burgeoning relationship is stymied by a major problem: an egomaniacal human is recruiting demons and
fallen angels in a bid to take over the world. It’s up to Michael and Gabriel, and the rest of the Brotherhood of Archangels, to beat back the forces of Hell before the Earth is overrun.


I have not read L.J LaBarthe before this book and boy was I missing out! No Quarter is a Fantastic book!! The plot was well thought out and kept me riveted through out.

Archangels Michael and Gabriel are so beautiful together and the romance and love between the two will bring tears to your eyes.

I love the courage and sweetness of Gabriel’s adopted children and how the rest of the Archangels protect and love these two human young adults.

There are scheming demons, and one deluded but powerful human who brings war on earth, and gates are opened to hell so the war will be long and bloody.

We meet all the Archangels and come to care for each individually. I know I have my favorites and I know you will too.

Michael and Gabriel will have to wait to be bonded to each other until all this can resolved but the love between them will have to be enough until then…..

I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this series.
I highly recommend this book it is a must read.

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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