Make Me Blaze by Avril Ashton

Title: Make Me Blaze
Author: Avril Ashton
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 80
Genre: Alternative (m/m) BDSM Romance
Kisses: 4


Bringing the Heat, 3

Fresh from catching his lover in bed with another man, Dominic Scotto is grabbed off the street and taken hostage. The identity of his kidnapper is a mystery, what the man wants, though, not so much. Shackled and trapped, Dominic’s resilience is put to the test as his captor carries out a carefully crafted plan to divest him of his secrets.

With the heir to the Scotto empire naked and bound before him, the man known as Smoke will do whatever he must to get the answers he seeks. Amid a firestorm of anger and distrust, between pain and pleasure, two men reach for each other in the darkness, but it’s not over yet. Under the sun’s harsh brightness, Smoke remains elusive, a man without a face or name, and Dominic is still a target mired in secrets.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming, knife play, BDSM


Although I have not read the other two books in this series, I was immediately drawn into this one.

Smoke was hired to get information from Dominic about money stolen by his father. What he didn’t expect to happen was to become intrigued by the man he was torturing.

Dominic didn’t have the information Smoke sought but nothing his evil father did would surprise him.
He had just lost the man he thought he was in love with so why could he not get Smoke out of his mind and why did the torture he endured excite him so much?

I did not see how Avril Ashton could make Smoke become something other than the bad guy but it didn’t take long before I couldn’t get enough of him.

I would like to see Willy’s story written, and now I can’t wait to add the first two books of this series to my library.
I have Avril Ashton’s Brooklyn Sinners Series and they are a favorite of mine so if you have not read them, I highly recommend them and this story is a must read!

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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