Inside Out by Andrew Grey

Title: Inside Out
Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 159
Kisses: 4.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Bull becomes inspiration for Zach’s graphic novel, and soon Zach asks Bull out on a date. But their happily ever after will face challenges.

Former mercenary Bull Krebbs now heads up security at his nightclub in Harrisburg, PA. Working the door night after night, he’s seen it all. Though tough on the outside, he’s a little hurt that people find him unapproachable. Then he pulls a cute twink out of line to perform a random search, and he’s surprised when the guy giggles and squirms.

Zach Spencer, graphic artist, twink, and seriously ticklish, isn’t intimidated by Bull. He’s in awe, and when Bull saves Zach from being trampled on the dance floor, Zach finds his inspiration for the superhero in his graphic novel.

Soon Zach wants more and makes his move by asking Bull on a date. Though small, he has a backbone of steel. He’ll need it—their happily ever after is thwarted at every turn, including by Bull’s interloping mother showing up unannounced and enemies from Bull’s past threatening to pull him to the other side of the world.


The blurb really covers what this story is about, but what it does not talk much about is the heart of the story and in my opinion, that is Zach.

Zach knew from the moment he met Bull that the heart inside of Bull is as big as Bull himself, but Bull has grown used to people being afraid of him, because of this and other circumstances in his past, he has withdrawn inside of himself.

When Zach makes Bull the hero in his Graphic Novel, Bull sets out to prove to Zach that the hero is really Zach himself.

I love how Andrew Grey pull you into his stories and creates characters that you really grow to love. I would highly recommend this story and all his works.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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