Hot Shot by Kate Roman

Title: Hot Shot
Author: Kate Roman
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 28
Characters: Simon, Russ
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 4


Disgraced lawyer Simon West has always called himself ‘bi-curious’. But when hunky photographer Russ offers him some modeling work to pay the bills, it quickly turns into something more. Simon can’t keep his eyes, or his hands, to himself, and it’s clear Russ returns his passion. The more Simon knows about Russ, the more Simon wants him — in every way. Can Simon find the courage to give Russ everything?


Simon got caught screwing three people in one day, one of them a guy, so now he’s got no job, almost no place to live, and no money. And to top that off, he’s having the worst day ever, from getting ripped off when he’s forced to sell his car to getting his wallet stolen. At a bar he meets Russ, a sexy photographer who offers him work. The more Simon bares his, um, assets, the more money he could make. Being attracted to Russ is just a bonus. But just who is seducing who?

The story is told from Simon’s point of view only. This left Russ somewhat lacking in depth. Still, his warmth and kindness do come through. I just would have wished his perspective had been present too. Simon’s story, his mistakes, the price to pay, his unfortunate situation. They are shown clearly, though. His cockiness has cost him a lot, and that is easy to relate to. Everyone has their downfalls.

The story is less insta-love and more insta-lust. Very soon the men end up in one erotic situation after another. The need for a deeper connection, though, soon shows how both are headed in the same direction even though the L word is not mentioned. Simon gives Russ something he’s never given to another man, and he learns who he is.

The writing is erotic and sensual, capable and well-paced. So, overall, a pretty good erotic quickie.

Reviewed By: Susan


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