Cleanse by Etienne

Title: Cleanse
Author: Etienne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 270
Kisses: 5+


An arrest in Florida leads to the exposure of another plot by supremacists, and the FBI invites award-winning investigative reporter Clint Buchalla to interview as many suspects as are willing to talk. It’s not his first time working on a controversial article for his newspaper, the Washington Ledger.

At their home together, Clint and his lover, Lucien Cormier, meet their new neighbors: a divorced woman and her two sons. One of the sons seems terribly troubled, and the woman’s situation prompts Clint to search public records for information. Ultimately, he finds a trail that leads him to another pedophile priest—and thus a series of articles exposing him and the church’s complicity in covering up his crimes.

Meanwhile, Lucien hears from the lawyer who serves as trustee of his education fund and learns that because he was thrifty enough with his education funds to leave him money to spare, he will come into additional money on his twenty-fifth birthday… a windfall that could allow him to realize his dream of opening a Cajun restaurant.


Cleanse is the second book in the, The Chronicles of Old Town series by author Etienne. While the main characters are a couple, it is not their romance that plays center stage in this story but rather the mysteries that Clint finds himself investigating.

Once again Clint finds himself investigating a pedophile priest, only this time he is taking on the Catholic Church, who isn’t very happy with the work Clint is doing, especially when the work he does on this story opens up a larger can of worms than they expected. Then there is the case the FBI is working on, which due to his special connections with them, Clint also gets to cover. While the first story is something that we see all too often of the evening news, it is the second story that really held my interest. I could not help wondering if something like this could really happen, while at the same time I am surprised that no one has tried anything like this yet.

Through all of that however, Lucien is by his side. I love the relationship that exists between these two. Even without detailed, graphic intimate scenes, it is easy to see the closeness and love these two feel for each other. I also love the surprise the author has for Lucien towards the end of Cleanse which will allow him to obtain his dream. I cannot wait to see where the author takes this series next and hope the wait will not be too long.

I have read several books by this author and will admit that the first books were difficult for me to get through. I am glad I stuck with that first book as it kept me from missing some wonderful stories. While I think these stories may not be for everyone, they are great and if you are looking for a new author to try then pick up something by Etienne.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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  1. Thanks for those kind words. I realize that my books are an acquired taste. Despite being published by a publisher of Romances, I’m more of a contemporary M/M author, and don’t get carried away with too much prose or, for that matter, too much sex.

    The next book in the series won’t involve pedophile preachers, and will focus more on the FBI investigation of the supremacists, along with another investigation. Sorry, I can’t give the rest of it away.


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