Indebted by A.R. Hawkins

Title: Indebted
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: A.R. Hawkins
Pages: 270
Kisses: 4


A debt is paid and two lives are changed forever.

For Aaron Quinn, the decision to drop out of med school turns his life upside down, and his father piles on the guilt over the tuition costs. So when his father cooks up a plan to hold off a Mafia loan shark’s wrath, Aaron reluctantly agrees, desperate to make up for his failings.

Raised and groomed to take over his father’s position in the Mafia, Liam Sandoval has his own issues. Looking for any escape from his horrible life, he accepts the offer of a weekend of pleasure from Aaron. A mutual attraction ignites, and they realize a weekend will never be enough. But the growing relationship will be put to the ultimate test when enemies target Liam’s new weak spot—Aaron. Can they overcome the outside forces threatening to pull them apart?


Indebted is a contemporary mystery romance by author A.R. Hawkins, a new author to me. The story is about two young men each dealing with the sins of their fathers. For Liam it is the abuse and criminal life that he was born into. When he realizes that there is no way to leave the lifestyle, he decides to be as big a badass as possible, and quickly moves up the ranks. For Aaron it is coming to terms with the life in front of him since his mother’s death. Having to drop out of medical school because he fell apart when his mother died, Aaron’s father is now laying on the guilt due to the waste of money. But being verbally abusive is nothing compared to what he forces Aaron to do inorder to keep the mob from coming after him.

While Indebted does have some dark moments, the story is not as angst driven as what you would expect given the type of characters and plot line. That does not mean it is not a good story, just not what some may be looking for. I like the main characters and while some may not agree with the instant attraction between the two men, I liked that the author did not drag this part of the story out. Of course Liam’s career makes it hard to have a normal relationship.

This is where some people may have an issue with Indebted. Aaron is a little too naïve when it comes to what Liam does, even after he is sent to prostitute himself to pay off his father’s debt. And you would think Liam’s boss would make a stronger appearance given what they do. Then there is the way that Liam, and his right hand man, transition so easily into mainstream life with no repercussions for their past crimes. While these aspects do lend an unrealistic air to the story I could not help enjoying the book.

From what I have been able to see Indebted is the author’s first book, and I am curious to see what will be coming next. I would even love to see a follow up to this story, as I would love to see more of Liam and Aaron.

Reviewed by: Lydia
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